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Band of Comerados:

Ryan McMahon - Mandolin, Vocals

Devon James - Guitar, Vocals

Kyle Donaldson - Guitar, Vocals

Jeffrey Leppert - Upright Bass

Jam/Grass/Folk from Portland, OR

"It’s rare to find an album these days that fits every occasion, but Grass Half Full is exactly that. Equal parts intimate and expansive, Band of Comerados delivers a timeless work that expertly rides the line between  wistful nostalgia for what was and unflinching optimism for what is.


Seamlessly transitioning between songwriting styles throughout the hour long offering, Grass Half Full is the band’s most true album to date. Faithful fans will be rewarded with a collection of songs that capture BoC’s live energy, and new devotees will be captured by their charm and surprised at the places this band takes them." - Chris Couch

Since 2015 and extending far into the future, Band of Comerados plays music that makes you feel good. Call it bluegrass, jamgrass, folk, or indie, what sets the band apart is their intricate instrumentation, dual vocal parts, intense improvisational jams, and the fact that these guys have so much damn fun when they’re playing live music! 


In between traveling up and down the west coast in 2022, BoC managed record two albums. Grass Half Full is the newest full length album, containing 11 songs. These road tested tunes were captured perfectly at Jackpot! Studio in SE Portland. The album was released in June 2023. With Friends Like These included a bevy of Portland’s finest musicians helping create ambitious, full-band EP that was released on Halloween 2022, and follows previous releases Kindsight (2020), Trial & Error (2019), and Tomorrow is Today (2017).


From their inception around campfire jams, Band of Comerados has come a long way. Earning their stripes at dive bars, breweries, block parties, and house concerts in their hometown of Portland, Oregon, the band began to get a foothold in some of the city’s finest venues, like Laurelthirst, White Eagle, Goodfoot, Aladdin Theatre, Wonder Ballroom, Mississippi Studios, The Get Down and more. Expanding their fanbase, they traveled up and down the west coast from Southern California to Northern Washington, and east through Idaho, Utah, and Arizona. Festival appearances include What the Festival!?, Beltane Music Festival, 4 Peaks Music Festival, Northwest String Summit, Gem & Jam, Homegrown Gorge and others.

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